July 6, 2018

GBIF Download Trends

Explanation of tool This tool plots the downloads through time for species or other taxonomic groups with more than 25 downloads at GBIF. Downloads at GBIF most often occur through the web interface. In a previous post, we saw that most users are downloading data from GBIF via filtering by scientific name (aka Taxon Key). Since the GBIF index currently sits at over 1 billion records (a 400+GB csv), most users will simplying filter by their taxonomic group of interest and then generate a download. Read more

June 6, 2018

Downloads In Africa

Total Occurrence Downloads In Africa Here we see that South Africa dominates the number of occurrence downloads coming from Africa with around 12k total downloads, since GBIF started recording download data in 2013. Other countries have very few downloads when compared to South Africa, with some countires having as few as 1-3 downloads since 2013. Read more
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May 30, 2018

GBIF Download Statistics

Dataset Downloads Datasets at gbif are often downloaded through the web interface, or through the api (via rgbif ect.). When a dataset is downloaded, this information is stored in a registry table called occurrence_download. Users can place various filters on the data in order to limit the number of records returned. Read more