June 6, 2018

Downloads In Africa

Total Occurrence Downloads In Africa

Here we see that South Africa dominates the number of occurrence downloads coming from Africa with around 12k total downloads, since GBIF started recording download data in 2013.

Other countries have very few downloads when compared to South Africa, with some countires having as few as 1-3 downloads since 2013.

Occurrence Downloads In Africa Through Time

Here we see the number of downloads in Africa through time. South Africa here again has the most downloads on average.

If you click on the United States, you can see how africa total downloads compares to the country with the most downloads, the United States. Other African countries with a relatively large amount of downloads are also plotted.

How Does Africa Compare To Other Countries And Continents?

All countries with over 1000 total downloads are shown. I have also included total africa, which is all of the downloads coming from the continent as a whole. Africa is definitely not requesting as many downloads as Europe or the Americas, but is producing more downloads than India, and both regions have approximately the same population.